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About Pelham
The Town of Pelham Massachusetts was founded in 1743 and is located in Hampshire County.

Those in the area should visit the Swift River Valley Historical Society for a piece of town history. Also visit the Bears Den which is a 100 foot deep gorge that was carved by the swift river cascading off granite cliffs and this was also said to be the meeting place for Indian Tribes.

The town remains to be a quiet rural bedroom community.

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SAY - Summer Musical Spectacle! Theatre Camp

When: Jul 13, 2015 12 AM to Jul 17, 2015 12 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Mon, 13 Jul 2015 00 )
SAY - Basketball Camp

When: Jul 20, 2015 12 AM to Jul 31, 2015 12 AMin Salem, Massachusetts (Mon, 20 Jul 2015 00 )
Lil Durk
When: Feb 26, 2015 7 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cost: $18.00 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19 )
Monomyth - Peachpit - Nightime Sunshine - Dirt Naps
01.27.15 Tue
Nightime Sunshine
Dirt Naps

Eye Design

8PM Doors

Event Details

When: Jan 27, 2015 8 PM in Allston, Massachusetts (Tue, 27 Jan 2015 20 )
Viceroy - Phantoms
This event is 18 and over

It's no question that Viceroy is one of the biggest names in dance music right now. With a stellar past year full of big-name collaborations, chart-topping remixes and buzz-blog no.1's, Viceroy is constantly making moves. With his "summertime all the time" motto fully emblazoned in everything he touches, 2013 saw Viceroy bring his unique brand of lush, tropi-cool house disco to clubs and parties across the world, including showcases at CMJ in New York, and tours across Australia, Asia and South America soon no continent will be left untouched.

With the release of the sun-swept single, 'Dream of Bombay' in 2013, along with the latest and now infamous edition of the 'Jet Life' remix series, which included the smooth rework of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It", Viceroy has been privy to exclusive remixes for well-established artists such as Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club and St Lucia to name just a few. Proving that Viceroy is both a production and DJ talent easily sitting at the top of the game, both his remix and original catalog have earned him coveted credits such as #1 on Hype Machine, #1 on Spotify Chart, #1 We Are Hunted for almost every release. Add in over 5 million Soundcloud plays, countless mix tapes and exciting collaborations in the world of fashion and technology, the demand for anything Viceroy makes him one of the most exciting producers to watch for 2014.

Bringing a cool, "jams not bangers" attitude to his body of work, plus a serious sack of singles that have easily held their own since 2012, this year will see the long-awaited release of a debut full-length album. Sun-drenched and full of addictive hooks, Viceroy will well and truly be making waves on your beach.

When: Feb 26, 2015 9 PM in Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: $20 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 21 )
PunkFM Fest
When: Jan 27, 2015 8 PM in Allston, Massachusetts
Cost: 8.00 - 8.00 (Tue, 27 Jan 2015 20 )
British Invasion 50th Anniversary
Pop culture was changed forever in 1964-65 by the arrival of the British Invasion pop artists on American shores. Some 50 years later, a quorum of iconic singers of the legendary 1960s music revolution share the stage for a unique, multi-media event. Peter Asher (of Peter & Gordon), Denny Laine (of the Moody Blues & Wings), Chad & Jeremy,?Billy J. Kramer, Mike Penders Searchers,?and Terry Sylvester (of the Hollies) will perform their hits and key cuts, backed by a four-piece beat combo. Asher serves as master of ceremonies, offering first person anecdotes of the era.

When: Feb 26, 2015 7 PM to Feb 26, 2015 9 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: $40-$60 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19 )
TM info meeting: 75 min.

You are invited to join us for a special talk on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. Space is limited so we suggest you reserve your seat now.Admission is free.

The TM Technique has been learned by over 5 million people, and over 350 published studies have found it effective for relieving stress, anxiety, improving health and wellness, and more.

What you'll learn:

  • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
  • How TM promotes health and wellness
  • What happens during TM
  • Why anyone can practice TM
  • Why TM works from the start
  • How to learn TM in S. Weymouth

And of course we'll allow ample time for your questions.

When: Jan 27, 2015 7 PM to Jan 27, 2015 9 PMin Weymouth, Massachusetts (Tue, 27 Jan 2015 19 )
Initial Badge Coordinator SIDA Training Class

In order to become aSIDA Badge Coordinator, you must attend an initial SIDA Badge Coordinator class and must currently hold or be in the process of applying for a SIDA Logan Airport Badge. The Massport Security Badge Office conductsSIDA classes twice a month. If you register for a class, please attend or cancel in advance since class size is very limited and others may need opportunity to attend.


When: Feb 10, 2015 9 AM to Feb 10, 2015 12 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 10 Feb 2015 09 )
Fat Tuesday Blues Jam
When: Feb 10, 2015 7 PM in Winchester, Massachusetts (Tue, 10 Feb 2015 19 )
In the Heat of the Night

Thursday, February 26, 8PM
Tickets: $27/$32/$37
*This performance qualifies as a Mainstage show Benefit, as well as a Free Member Night choice*

L.A. Theatre Works returns to The Z with a riveting adaptation of John Ball's novel, In the Heat of the Night. This powerful story is set in a small Southern town, where the body of a wealthy white man is discovered. Police arrest a black stranger passing through town for the murder, only to learn that he is a respected homicide detective. The detective reluctantly finds himself working with the chief of police to solve the murder, while wrestling with the fear, hatred, and prejudices prevalent at the time. With this compelling hybrid of radio theatre and traditional live theatre, L.A. Theatre Works brings the era to life in its adaptation of this groundbreaking novel.

When: Feb 26, 2015 12 AM to Feb 26, 2015 12 AMin New Bedford, Massachusetts (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 00 )
Scriabin: Towards the Flame
New England Conservatory presents: Scriabin: Impromptus (2) for Piano la mazur, Op. 7; Scriabin: Etudes (12) for Piano, Op. 8; Scriabin: Pieces (2) for Piano left hand, Op. 9; Scriabin: Impromptu...

When: Jan 27, 2015 8 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 27 Jan 2015 20 )
Screaming Females - Priests, Tenement, Vacation
This event is 18 and over
Screaming Females

It's been 6 years since guitarist/vocalist Marissa Paternoster and bassist Michael Abbate crammed into drummer Jarrett Dougherty's attic to write and record their earliest collaborations as Screaming Females. The band was young (Michael was still in high school) yet already focused. Rather than placing those recordings on a CD-R demo or waiting for a label to approach them, Screaming Females opted to self-release a real album with real packaging. The record was Baby Teeth, their aptly titled debut. This was just the tip of the iceberg for the trio, who quickly discovered and jumped headfirst into a national DIY punk network. After numerous basement shows around their home state of New Jersey and a few short tours, Marissa, Michael and Jarrett decided their next effort needed a proper studio. The band decided not to utilize normal studio wizardry and instead opted to simply set up their gear and play. Many songs were recorded in a single take and the record saw few overdubs. Through these raw recordings the band attempted to capture a true representation of the louder and faster sound they had developed. Creating this new, deafening punk soon had its consequence. During one practice an irate police officer issued the band a noise violation and insisted they had to consider neighbors who could be trying to watch television. Befittingly, the next album was titled What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.? To celebrate the release of this second album the trio embarked on a 70-day national tour, beginning their reputation as one of the hardest-working bands in North America.

Their dedication hasn't gone unnoticed. This past year has brought their television debut, sold out headlining shows and tour dates with legendary names such as Ted Leo and Against Me! As a way to thank the fans, Screaming Females are reissuing vinyl of their first two albums, which until now were only available at early shows.

When: Feb 26, 2015 9 PM in Allston, Massachusetts
Cost: $10 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 21 )
Gaelic Storm
When: Feb 26, 2015 8 PM in Foxboro, Massachusetts
Cost: $25-$50 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20 )
Beth Hart
When: Feb 26, 2015 7 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19 )
Bridget Everett
When: Feb 26, 2015 8 PM in Allston, Massachusetts
Cost: 15.00 - 15.00 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20 )
When: Feb 26, 2015 8 PM in Allston, Massachusetts
Cost: $35.00 - $75.00 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20 )
Puppy Playtime
Puppy Playtime

When: Jan 27, 2015 7 PM in Charlestown, Massachusetts (Tue, 27 Jan 2015 19 )
Franz Nicolay with Sharp Shadows
When: Feb 10, 2015 9 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cost: $10.00 (Tue, 10 Feb 2015 21 )
Zuesday! Queer Dance Party - DJ Leah V. & Blk.adonis - All Welcome - 1
When: Feb 10, 2015 10 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit website for price range. (Tue, 10 Feb 2015 22 )
Today Junior - Straight To VHS - Dirt Naps
02.10.15 Tue
Today Junior
Straight To VHS
Dirt Naps


8PM Doors

Event Details

When: Feb 10, 2015 8 PM in Allston, Massachusetts (Tue, 10 Feb 2015 20 )
Harpers BAZAAR, Este Lauder and Saks Fifth Avenue Host Fabulous at Every Age Event on Jan. 28
Harpers BAZAAR, Este Lauder and Saks Fifth Avenue are hosting a Fabulous at Every Age Event next Wednesday, January 28th, and I wanted to see if you would be interested in covering or sharing it with your readers as an event listing.

When: Jan 28, 2015 4 PM to Jan 28, 2015 7 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16 )
Baby's First Valentine's Day

Come join us at Kidville Wellesley to celebrate your baby's First Valentine's Day! You and your little sweetheart will enjoy sweet treats, a special photo booth, and playtime for babies in the gym. This event is free for all families with infants 0-12 months!

When: Feb 12, 2015 12 PM to Feb 12, 2015 1 PMin Wellesley, Massachusetts (Thu, 12 Feb 2015 12 )

Join us for a great night of getting together with friends while supporting UCP of MetroBoston!

Dance to the tunes of Mojo Mambo! Check out our Silent Auction with items by Coach, Bose, Brookstone and more! Meet staff from the Craft Beer Cellar who will share their expertise (while you experience!) various types of craft beers.

Your dollars will open the door to so many possiblities for people with disabilities. For example,a teen might participate in a therapeutic art class; a mother will be able to use adapted cooking utensils so she can prepare dinner for her family; or adaptive technology and communication devices can be provided to a child making it possible for him to communicate with his world!


Liquid Gold $2,500.00

6 Guests, 6 Craft Beer Glasses, Name Recognition/Signage at Event, Website Recognition & Full-Page Greeting in our 2015 Birthday Program Book

Laughing Water $1,500.00

4 Guests, 4 Pilsner Beer Glasses, Name Recognition/Signage at Event, Website Recognition & Half-Page Greeting in our 2015 Birthday Program Book


2 Guests, 2 Beer Mugs, Signage at Event, Website Recognition & Quarter-Page Greeting in our 2015 Birthday Program Book


2Guests, 2 Beer Tasting Glasses, Website Recognition & Acknowledgement in our 2015 Birthday Program Book

Forfurther information, please call the Development Office at 617.600.2450

*must be 21 or over and provide valid ID

When: Feb 26, 2015 7 PM to Feb 26, 2015 9 PMin Watertown, Massachusetts (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 19 )
A Walk on the Beach

Artist ~ Judy Rys

This is Created with a Little Paint, Some real Cape Cod Sand, and Some Shells..A 3D piece of Art ...a fun night out..

When: Feb 19, 2015 6 PM to Feb 19, 2015 9 PMin Mashpee, Massachusetts
Cost: 35.00 true A walk on the Beach 35.00

(Thu, 19 Feb 2015 18 )
International Women's Day

Delamano Inc. Cordially invites you to the International Women's Day Annual Dinner and Silent Auction in honor of Vilma Lora, for her contribution to Domestic Violence awareness in the Merrimack Valley.

When: Mar 8, 2015 6 PM to Mar 8, 2015 10 PMin Andover, Massachusetts (Sun, 08 Mar 2015 18 )

Every fourth Thursday, join us at 6B Lounge as Thursday Night Music Club explores R&B from the '80s, '90s, and today. Come vibe out over some drinks, do some chair dancing, or get up and do a little bit of grooving. It's entirely up to you. Think Sade, Janet, Mariah, Macy, Erykah, India, and more!

When: Feb 26, 2015 9 PM to Feb 27, 2015 1 AMin Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 26 Feb 2015 21 )
Beantown Connect February networking event at Julep Bar

Tuesday February 17th, Beantown Connect is happy to announce it's next Boston area professional networking event at Julep Bar in the heart of the Financial District.

Join us from 6-9pm for free appetizers and a casual business afterhours to build and develop business connections.

You can also join the Linkedin group

If you would like to get on the mailing list to recieve info on upcoming events we invite you to visit Beantown Connect at

You can follow the organizer (Nate Therrien) on twitter @nathantherrien

Join Beantown Connect on facebook at

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Sponsored by:

When: Feb 17, 2015 6 PM to Feb 17, 2015 9 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Tue, 17 Feb 2015 18 )
2015 MRKH Conference

This annual conference is an opportunity for young women ages 14-25 who have been diagnosed with MRKH and their families to come together for education and support.

We welcome your suggestions for our upcoming 2015 conference!

When: Mar 28, 2015 8 AM to Mar 29, 2015 7 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: Individual or additional family member ticket 20.00 true Individual or Additional Family Member 20.00

Family ticket: 12 parents/guardians plus 1 teen/young adult. 40.00 true Family 40.00

(Sat, 28 Mar 2015 08 )
2.21 @ PA's w/ Birds of Spray, Boys Room, Shallow End Divers, No Plateau

WEMF Presents...

9- 9:40 Birds of Spray

9:55- 10:35 Boys Room

10:50- 11:30 Shallow End Divers

11:45- 12:30 No Plateau

8:30 DOORS // 21+ // $10 at the door, $7 pre-sale

When: Feb 21, 2015 8 PM to Feb 21, 2015 11 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts (Sat, 21 Feb 2015 20 )
Professional & Business Networking Mixer | SpeedBoston Networking

SpeedBoston Networking Presents our Business Networking Event for professionals looking to expand their business circle. A perfect opportunity to meet accomplished individuals just like yourself. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, legal or medical professional, in the finance, real estate or entertainment industry - this is one event you can not miss.

Brought to you by the leader in social events nationwide - SpeedBoston Networking; A division of SpeedBoston. Join us at the extraordinary 49 Social. Let our personable hosts assist you and guide you throughout the evening ensuring you meet as many business professionals like yourself as possible. A mixer style event allowing you to meet, introduce and be introduced at your own pace.

Nibble on complimentary appetizers while you mingle with like-minded, accomplished business professionals.

SpeedBoston Networking Event | Business Professionals

Wednesday, March 18th 2015 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

49 Social - 49 Temple Pl, Boston, MA 02111

For questions you may reach us at: 866 WE SPEED

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a dating or singles event?No, this event is strictly business.

Are appetizers provided?Yes! Nibble on delightful treats from 49 Social's delightful kitchen while you mix and mingle - business style!

Will you have hosts to assist?Yes, let the restaurant host know you are there for the SpeedBoston Networking Event. They will direct you to one of our lovely hosts who will gladly assist.

Is there a dress code?Business professional is preferred.

Am I required to stay for the entire event?We want you to meet as many business professionals like yourself but understand time constraints can often limit the time you can stay.

Is it really all about who you know in business?Yes. It absolutely is.About 49 Social

49 Social, the latest addition to the expanding Downtown Crossing culinary scene, is now open and serving refined modern American cuisine Monday through sunday. The seasonal dinner menu ,draw inspiration from around the globe while incorporating ingredients from local New England farms whenever possible. The bar menu features smaller plates sure to satisfy late night cravings and complement an extensive wine list and craft cocktail menu. Guests are offered a choice of dining experience over three levels of seating including a mezzanine and a downstairs lounge, which are also available for private functions. Friday and Saturday nights feature live musician an intimate setting, putting you up close and personal with the band.

When: Mar 18, 2015 7 PM to Mar 18, 2015 10 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 18 Mar 2015 19 )
Volcanic Winter, Population Bottlenecks, and Human Evolution

The eruption of the Mount Toba supervolcano in the Indonesian island of Sumatra 74,000 years ago brought about an era of severe environmental degradation that decimated populations of Neanderthals and modern humans. Archaeological evidence suggests that modern humans survived this era by creating cooperative intergroup social networks and behaving like tribes. Neanderthals on the other hand, behaved more like primate troops, living in small, closed territories with limited intergroup interaction. Stanley Ambrose, Professor of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, will discuss the behaviors that contributed to the competitive advantage of modern humans and the demise of Neanderthals.

Free event parking at 52 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA, 02138

Presented by Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture

When: Mar 12, 2015 6 PM to Mar 12, 2015 7 PMin Cambridge, Massachusetts (Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18 )
Ladies Night Out - March Fabness 2015

Ladie's Night Out!

Join us for a night of fashion, friends and fun! Event includes a mini fashion show by Bo-Line and Lynn Evans Boutiques, hair and skin demonstrations from local salons, jewelry, accessories, raffle items, cash bar and much more.SWAG bags for first 200 tickets sold!


When: Mar 26, 2015 7 PM to Mar 26, 2015 10 PMin Hanover, Massachusetts
Cost: 40.00 true RSVP 40.00

RSVP including an arm's length of raffle tickets (guaranteed 20+) for wonderful donated items. 60.00 true RSVP plus RAFFLE TICKETS 60.00

Can't go? Please consider a donation to NWC

(Thu, 26 Mar 2015 19 )

Bostonians know best about the palpable energy in this city with spring on the horizon and the feeling of everything blooming once again. Come join a group of fellow yogis to welcome in the Spring during the Solstice in March. All said and done, it will take us about 3 1/2 hours. We will do 108 sun salutations broken up into 12 sets of 9. We will set intentions, we will create a playlist, and we will all leave refreshed, revitalized, ready for spring, and with chaturanga arms that would make B.S. Iyengar proud. Please join us and welcome in the new, and most beautiful season in this city! Feel free to email me at: with questions, concerns, and/or music suggestions. I will keep the Facebook group live - music suggestions welcome there too!!! I think a collaborative playlist will make this whole event even more incredible. Can't wait to see you all on the mat in March!!!

When: Mar 21, 2015 12 PM to Mar 21, 2015 4 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Sat, 21 Mar 2015 12 )
February Printmaker DIY Badge

This year, we're making the opportunity for the kids to earn badges from DIY Camp is FREE to join.

Activity 1 - Make a rubber stamp and learn about letterboxing ($2.50 per child for materials)
Activity 2 - Create an engraving with styrofoam ($2.50 per child for materials)
Activity 3 - Screen Printing ($2.50 per child for materials)

If it's easier for you to give me a check or pay via paypal to avoid the Eventbrite fees, please email me at

When: Feb 3, 2015 11 AM to Feb 24, 2015 2 PMin Somerset, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Tue, 03 Feb 2015 11 )
Great Decisions 2015 - Discussion Series (All 5 Events)

This series includes all 5 of the Great Decisions discussion series presented by Five College Learning in Retirement. This includes:

  • Sectarianism in the Middle East - March 27
  • Russia and the Near Abroad - April 10
  • Privacy in the Digital Age - April 17
  • India Changes Course - April 24
  • Human Trafficking in the 21st Century - May 1

When: Mar 27, 2015 9 AM to May 1, 2015 12 PMin Northampton, Massachusetts (Fri, 27 Mar 2015 09 )
Winter Games

The Winter Games: Fire & Ice

On Saturday, February 28, 2015 lululemon athletica invites you and your friends to join forces and compete in our Winter Games!The Winter games is an event that offers an outdoorstrengthening courseor a sunset yoga class. Attendees will have the option to create a team of four and participate in "The Games" where theteams of 4 will compete against other teams through thecourse. Or choose the path less chilly and find a warm spot indoors during our heated yoga flow as the sun goes down.

When: Feb 28, 2015 4 PM to Feb 28, 2015 8 PMin Waltham, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Sat, 28 Feb 2015 16 )
2015 Polar Bear Derby

Cub Scout Polar Bear Derby

When: Feb 7, 2015 8 AM to Feb 7, 2015 3 PMin Ayer, Massachusetts (Sat, 07 Feb 2015 08 )
Core Strength Seminar
Learn the true meaning of core strength from an Eastern perspective.
In Asia for over 2000 years many forms of exercise have come and gone. Many masters sought out the most powerful movements for developing tremendous strength both internally and externally as well as incredible longevity.
Eastern practice is very new to the United States and is quickly growing as more and more begin to see the benefits.
Experience the power of a centuries proven exercise and witness a LIVE demonstration.Call617- 629-5888to reserve your spaceSaturday, January 31 12:30pm | $20

When: Jan 31, 2015 12 PM to Jan 31, 2015 1 PMin Cambridge, Massachusetts (Sat, 31 Jan 2015 12 )
New Start: Supporting multilingual children and immigrant & refugee families

New Start:
Supporting multilingual children and
immigrant & refugee families

More 1 in 4 children under age 6 live in households that speak a language other than English. In order to prepare children from birth to school readiness in immigrant and refugee families, a focus on early learning for these children and meaningful engagement of their parents and communities is essential. This new training series will equip providers, stakeholders and other professionals with knowledge of immigration policy as it impacts children and families, cultural competency, and child development and educational principles in the context of multilingual homes and multicultural environments.

Content and discussion includes:

  • ABCs of Immigration & Refugee Law and Policy
  • Immigration Status & Access to Public Benefits
  • Working with Dual Language Learner Children & Families
  • Cultural Competency & Family Engagement
  • Being a Resource for Families

Instruction and facilitation
provided by:

Shannon Erwin, MIRA Coalition
Hanna Gebretensae, Tufts University
Daila Davila-Gonzalez, Tufts University
Jeffrey Gross, MIRA Coalition


Jeffrey Gross, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

*All trainings are free of charge, 45 minutes is scheduled for lunch; food will not be provided

When: May 29, 2015 9 AM to May 29, 2015 4 PMin Lowell, Massachusetts (Fri, 29 May 2015 09 )
Food On Film: Haute Cuisine



When: Mar 12, 2015 6 PM to Mar 12, 2015 8 PMin Wellfleet, Massachusetts (Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18 )
Executive Roundtable: Acquisitions and Technology - how IT can make or break a deal

If your organization plans on acquiring or has plans for an exit, this executive roundtable is for you. Join other executives from the Boston area for an open discussion with Kirill Bensonoff, CEO at, an IT services provider, and Wayne Coll, CFO at Modern Dental, an international manufacturing organization, at this exclusive, invitation-only event.

During this event, we will cover:

  • What every executive should know prior to signing the P+S
  • Lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful acquisitions
  • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid what is the difference, and what is the right approach?
  • How technology can help you be more successful

Breakfast will be served.

Discussion Panelists:

Kirill Bensonoff co-founder and CEO at, a national IT services organization. Kirill is responsible for leading the organizations new product development and business direction. With over 10 years of enterprise and SMB IT experience, Kirills expertise guided many executives and partners to make the right business decisions around their technology.

Wayne Coll CFO at Modern Dental USA, a multi-national, state of the art dental implant manufacturer. Wayne brings over 20 years experience as a senior finance executive, leading mergers and acquisitions, both on the buy and sell side. Waynes wide portfolio of responsibilities has included overseeing the technology, and he was directly responsible for making the right decisions during M+A negations, and after the deal was done.

When: Mar 18, 2015 7 AM to Mar 18, 2015 9 AMin Auburndale, Massachusetts (Wed, 18 Mar 2015 07 )
New Start: Supporting multilingual children and immigrant & refugee families

New Start:
Supporting multilingual children and
immigrant & refugee families

More 1 in 4 children under age 6 live in households that speak a language other than English. In order to prepare children from birth to school readiness in immigrant and refugee families, a focus on early learning for these children and meaningful engagement of their parents and communities is essential. This new training series will equip providers, stakeholders and other professionals with knowledge of immigration policy as it impacts children and families, cultural competency, and child development and educational principles in the context of multilingual homes and multicultural environments.

Content and discussion includes:

  • ABCs of Immigration & Refugee Law and Policy
  • Immigration Status & Access to Public Benefits
  • Working with Dual Language Learner Children & Families
  • Cultural Competency & Family Engagement
  • Being a Resource for Families

Instruction and facilitation
provided by:

Shannon Erwin, MIRA Coalition
Hanna Gebretensae, Tufts University
Daila Davila-Gonzalez, Tufts University
Jeffrey Gross, MIRA Coalition


Jeffrey Gross, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

*All trainings are free of charge, 45 minutes is scheduled for lunch; food will not be provided

When: Mar 27, 2015 9 AM to Mar 27, 2015 4 PMin Taunton, Massachusetts (Fri, 27 Mar 2015 09 )
AfterFab - the Solo Music of the Beatles

Click on image for larger view

AfterFab - the solo music of the Beatles

What can you expect from an AfterFab show? A high-energy, passionate tribute to the mega-classic canon of The Beatles' solo years, the only one in the world, played with high fidelity to the original studio recordings. Beatles fans are absolutely everywhere and this unique concept and focus draws them in droves. It's something new and different for Beatles and classic-rock fans, and general audiences, thanks to 70 US Top-40 hits and 325 million records collectively sold by John, Paul, George, and Ringo, post-Beatles. The genius didn't stop with Abbey Road. This is the classic Beatles music that fans have been missing.

AfterFab is a formidable six-member powerhouse of long-experienced Beatles-expert musicians with a dynamic, entertaining front man and a talent for getting the music right. Not impersonators, but a music-first tribute along the lines of Brit Floyd, Get The Led Out, or The Fab Faux. Based in New England, the band began in 2012, designed from the start as a concert attraction for top music clubs, performing-arts spaces, theatres, and venues that desire to present something special for guests. Misson-driven to convey the brilliance of the solo Beatles' legacy, AfterFab adds extra dimensions of entertainment with back-stories of the songs, fascinating trivia, and video of images of solo Beatles LPs, singles, adverts, and quotations.

"When I first thought of a tribute exclusively to the solo Beatles," says guitarist Ad Boc," I was sure I'd find others doing it. But tributing a 'band' that never actually existed is apparently an idea outside the box. 'Brilliant concept' has been an oft-repeated compliment. The Beatles were my first musical love, and it's exciting to be bringing their solo stuff to live audiences." Ad led original indie-rock bands for 20 years, and his first recruit was long-time collaborator Tom Evans on drums. Next to jump enthusiastically aboard was experienced singer/front-man Jonathan Paquin, a devotee of Paul McCartney and Robert Plant. "I brought myself up on the solo stuff before I discovered The Beatles," says Jon, "I knew Admiral Halsey before I knew Lovely Rita." It then took a year's trial and error to find the rest.

Mike Bishop nailed his bass audition on the first try, no surprise after having logged years in original and cover bands throughout New England and New York. Next in was keyboardist Bryan Eyberg, a pro music instructor with a Master's Degree in Music Performance. Rounding out the line-up is Lauren Passarelli, the first woman ever to graduate as a guitar performance major from Berklee College of Music, where she now teaches and is known as "The Beatles Professor" for her extreme expertise regarding all things Fab Four.

AfterFab constantly build their repertoire of chart hits and iconic album cuts, seeking to please any audience. "Thrilled!" "Elated!" and "Amazing!" were the actual words from management of three venues AfterFab played consecutively in 2014, and the shows got even better from there. The band has been discovered and hailed with excitement by Beatles authors like Robert Rodriguez and Ricardo Pugialli. "They did the solo stuff and rocked it!" said organizer/promoter Charles Rosenay on the radio, following AfterFab's appearance at his 2014 Fab 4 Music Festival: Danbury Fields Forever. MC and radio host Ken Michaels remarked, "They played with a passion. You could see it in their faces. They really practiced and studied the music. And the lead singer, he was outrageous!"

When: May 15, 2015 8 PM to May 15, 2015 11 PMin Worcester, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Fri, 15 May 2015 20 )
The NECAT Culinary Experience

Please join NECAT on March 26th, 2015 for our annual Culinary Experience fundraiser, a fun and fancy evening full of delicious food, drinks, and lots of entertainment. The exciting event will feature appearances from chefs and celebrities including:
Louis DiBiccari of Tavern Road
Steve DiFillippo of Davio's
Eric Gburski of Estelle's
Will Gilson of Puritan & Co.
Renita Mendonca of Seasoned & Spiced
Brian Poe of Tip Tap Room
Brooke Vosika of the Four Seasons Hotel
Jarvis Green and other New England Patriots players
Bob Rivers, President and CEO of Eastern Bank
Jonathan Soroff of theImproper Bostonian
Karen Holmes Ward of WCVB, emcee
Pat Whitley of Wicked Bites
And more!

HonoraryEvent Co-chairs
Senator SoniaChangDiaz
Karl Guggenmos,retiredDean of Culinary Development,Johnson & Wales
Robert Lewis, Jr., Founder, The BASE
Joe McGrail, COO, State Street Foundation
Karen Holmes Ward, WCVB
William Strickland, Founder & CEO, Manchester Bidwell
Maarten Hemsley, NECAT Founder & Chairman

All proceeds from the event directly sponsor NECAT's continued work to transform lives and communities through its tuition-free culinary arts school for unemployed and underemployed Bostonians.

Interested in sponsoring the event? ClickHEREto learn more about NECAT Event Sponsorship.

To learn more, visit or contact communications associate Meg O'Neill at

When: Mar 26, 2015 6 PM to Mar 26, 2015 10 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18 )
ALI NEJM: Maqams for Belly Dancers and Drum Solo Workshop Sunday Feb 8 2:30 - 5:15 p.m.

Melina presents....ALI NEJM

Sunday February 8 WORKSHOPS

2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Maqams for Belly Dancers. Arabic maqam is the system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music. It is a technique of improvisation that defines the pitches, patterns and development of a piece of music and which is unique to Arabian art music. (Wikipedia) Different emotions and moods are conveyed through maqams, and a dancer must know which emotion she is channeling in her dance: sadness and pain? joy, vitality? pride and power? In this workshop, Ali will help you gain a deeper understanding of Arabic maqams and how to interpret them. He will sing for you, dance with you, and teach you some Arabic along the way. $25. $30 at the door.

Bring a notebook and pen to this workshop.

3:30 to 5:15 p.m. DRUM SOLO WORKSHOP WITH ALI NEJM, NAJMAT AND MELINA. Ali will play drum solos for participants and co-teach with dancers Najmat ( and Melina of Daughters of Rhea ( Learn and practice drum solo basics and combinations with Arabic and Turkish rhythms. Insights on what makes a great drum solo. You will have chances to dance drum solos with Ali again and again at this workshop! SHIMMY THERAPY TO THE MAX! and Delicious COOL DOWN. $35. $40 at the door.


$70 for both workshops at the door.

When: Feb 8, 2015 2 PM to Feb 8, 2015 5 PMin Waltham, Massachusetts (Sun, 08 Feb 2015 14 )
Introduction to Python
This practical one-day course is designed for people who want to begin learning Python. We'll cover the basics of the Python programming language, discuss the pros and cons of using Python as well as some of the major pitfalls in getting started. You will be presented with the concepts along with step by step coding examples giving you the foundations to get you started on your own project!The class will be broken up into two 90 minute parts, breaking 1 hour for lunch in between.
A laptop will be needed to follow along with the class. You may use Windows, Mac, or Linux.
If you do not have a laptop, please let us know in advance so we can prepare one to be available for you.

When: Feb 28, 2015 10 AM to Feb 28, 2015 2 PMin Lowell, Massachusetts (Sat, 28 Feb 2015 10 )
FRI 6PM - CCF Short Form Competition
The 2015 College Comedy Festival featurescollege teams fromBoston & Beyond!
FRIDAY 6PM | Short Form CompetitionWheaton College's The Dimple DiversClark University's Peapod SquadGordon College's Sweaty Toothed Madmen

When: Feb 20, 2015 6 PM to Feb 20, 2015 7:15:00 PMin Cambridge, Massachusetts (Fri, 20 Feb 2015 18 )
BargainDating's $10 Speed Dating in Boston! Ages 21 - 63!

Welcome to Boston's firstaffordablespeed dating events...BargainDating is here!

If you've always wanted to try speed dating but thought it was too expensive, you were right! But NOW it's AFFORDABLE, thanks to your friends atFree And Cheap Things in Boston(, where no event ever costs more than $10!

EachBargainDateround will last between three and six minutes, depending on the number of participants.Each overall event will take between 30 and 45 minutes, so be prepared to meet new people in a short time! You'll fill out a form and pass it in at the end of the event. Then you'll receive an email with all your mutual matches within 24 hours!

There will be different time slots and tables for different age ranges. Make sure you get the proper ticket!

Oh, and as if $10 was not already a great enough bargain, each person is allowed to bring a BUDDY of the opposite sex to participate in the same event! Yes, you can bring a wingperson for free! But you MUST register your BUDDY's name, cell, and email address in advance. Only registered BUDDIES will be allowed in for free, and only until the event is full. Again, keep in mind that your BUDDY should be attending the same event as you! See below for full details!

Okay, so what are the age ranges? They're as follows:

From 5:00 - 5:45 pm:
(A)Ages 21 - 33
(B)Ages 31 - 43
(C)Ages 41 - 53
(D)Ages 51 - 63

From 6:15 - 7:00 pm:
(E)Ages 26 - 38
(F)Ages 36 - 48
(G)Ages 46 - 58
(H)NoAge Range!!! 21+! Alternative Lifestyles Welcome!

The Urban Art Bar (UAB) is located on East Broadway St in South Boston. There is some free street parking, but, hey, it's still Boston, so westronglyencourage you to come by the T! The 9 bus runs from Broadway Red Line station in South Boston and stops right next to UAB. The 10 bus runs from Andrew Red Line station in Southie and stops right next to UAB, as well. Get down at the "K Street" stop from either one.And both the 9 and 10 buses start at Copley, too, so you can pick them up there. Just make sure to allow enough travel time, because we will hopefully start right on time!

Please sign up in advance to get the $10 price. Walk-ins will be allowed as long as the ratio of men to women is right, but it will cost double the price at the door. Yikes!

Lastly, please note that tickets stop selling at 3:30 pm on the day of the event. If you don't get a ticket online, you can try your luck as a walk-in. Ouch...

Again, you must register your BUDDY in advance, before the event sells out. When you register yourself, you'll enter your BUDDY's name, email, and cell number. You'll receive an email from Eventbrite with a PROMOTIONAL CODE for your buddy to register online for free as your guest. He or she must apply the PROMO code before checkout to get the ticket for free.

Any questions? Just ask!

When: Feb 8, 2015 5 PM to Feb 8, 2015 7 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Sun, 08 Feb 2015 17 )
KidsBestFest/YouthFilm 2015
Date(s) - 02/20/2015
01:30 pm - 03:00 pm

Academy of Music

Categories Film

Films made by local youth and youth from California who are at the beginning of their budding careers. The participants are able to see their films on the Academy of Musics large screen in a theater setting. Special category is the Sprintys from NCTV. Join us to celebrate youth work in the video arts.

Sponsored by Northampton Community Television

Co-produced with the Academy of Music Theatre

Series Sponsors: Gravity Switch, Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, Lathrop Communities

Media Sponsors: The Daily Hampshire Gazette, The River-WRSI 93.9 FM, WFCR, WGBY, NCTV, WMUA, Valley Free Radio

Monday The Boy and the World (2013)

Tuesday The Internet Cat Video Festival (2014) + 7:30 PM Special Second Screening

Wednesday On the Way to School (2008)

Thursday The NeverEnding Story (1984)

Friday YouthFilm 2015

Show Date/ Time:
Friday, February 20, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Ticket Prices:

For More Information:

When: Feb 20, 2015 1 PM in Northampton, Massachusetts (Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13 )

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